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Leica Geosystems Inc. - Leica MSS400 Series Sensors

Ensuring speed, performance, precision and productivity (SP), the MSS400 Series Sensors incorporate SP Technology that allows faster digging without loss of precision at higher speeds, dramatically increasing machine utilization and productivity. Excavators can now take on even more fine grading jobs, allowing contractors to complete their work with fewer machines and helping them to finish their projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

Features & Benefits

Increase your excavator's speed, performance, precision and productivity

Increase in uptime due to a 20% decrease in installation time and 30% decrease in calibration time

Reduced need for rework and increased uptime during poor GNSS coverage

Over dig protection as a result of SP Technology

Movement of the machine is shown in real-time on the display, drastically reducing operator error

Accurate reading over a 360 degree range of motion allows the operator to use their iCON excavate solution without dead spots

Company Info

5051 Peachtree Corners Circle #250
Norcross, GA
US, 30092


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