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Rice Lake Weighing Systems - RailBoss™ Scales

For weight verification and other non-NTEP needs, the RailBoss rail scale is a cost-effective and easy-to-install method for weighing stationary railroad cars. Powered by Rice Lake's 920i® and RailBoss software, RailBoss can be purchased as an eight-section Full-Draft system, or a simpler four-section Double Draft model. 

RailBoss utilizes MS quick-disconnect cable connectors to reduce unexpected maintenance and repairs. The enhanced cable connectors automatically release before reaching damaging tension, saving valuable repair time and replacement costs.


Key Specifications
Load Cells 40,000 lb
Accuracy ≤ 0.25% error typical, interchangeable with other gaged rail products
Full Scale Capacity 320,000 lb
Axle capacity 80,000 lb

Company Info

230 West Coleman St
Rice Lake, WI
US, 54868


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