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BKT Tires Canada Inc. - Earthmax SR 41 (E4/L4) Tires

EARTHMAX SR 41 (E-4/L-4) is an All Steel radial tire for articulated dump trucks. It is ideal for all operations requiring traction and stability. This tire is also suitable for loader and dozer operations. The deep E-4/L-4 tread ensures long wear and the multi-layer steel belts provide added durability. EARTHMAX SR 41 (E-4/L-4) is available with cut resistant compound.


Key Specifications: 2 models
Version Cut resistant compound
Load index/speed symbol 202 A2/193 B, 208 A2/200 B
Recommended rim 22.00/3.0, 25.00/3.5
Overall Width 678 mm, 761 mm
Overall Diameter 1742 mm, 1861 mm
Static Loaded Radius 775 mm, 830 mm
Rolling circumference 5150 mm, 5510 mm
Type TL
TRA code L4/E4

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