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Kohler Power Systems - K135 Range Generators

Equipped with their own latest-generation engines, KD SERIES generating sets provide reliable solutions, characterized by low fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and an unequalled compactness for a wide range of applications as health, data center, airports, industry and power plants.

Six years of R&D were needed to develop this range during which each component was designed and tested in our laboratories to offer the best performance while maintaining the highest industry standards. The KD SERIES exceed regulatory requirements in terms of safety and operating levels.

From 800 to 4200 kVA (800 to 4000 kWe) standby the KD SERIES generating sets offer the best performance of their category regarding fuel consumption, sound level and compactness. Their conception optimizes the high-temperature performance up to 50°C. Sound enclosed units available that comply with all global standards. We offer turnkey solutions that quicken installation and custom solutions to meet your every need.


Key Specifications
Frequency: 50 Hz 800-1800 kVA
Frequency: 60 Hz 800 - 1750 kWe
Engines KD27V12, KD36V16, KD45V20
Engine Power 560 - 1910 kWm
Speed 1500 1800 rpm

Company Info

N7650 CTH LS
Kohler, WI
US, 53044


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