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Topcon Positioning Systems - Intel Falcon 8 Drones

When you need precise high-resolution imaging in tight spaces and challenging environments, Falcon 8 is the one for you. This rotary-wing UAS features first-in-class sensors, active vibration damping, and compensating camera mounts for solid performance. Perfect for capturing all perspectives, oblique as well as nadir, while providing flexibility for immediate takeoff and soft landing. Meticulously designed and built in Germany, the Falcon 8 system is known for precision and reliability.


Key Specifications
Type V-Form Octocopter
Engines 8 electrical, brushless (sensorless) motors with 125W max. power each
Rotor diameter 8" (~ 20cm)
Number of rotors 8
Rotor weight 6g
Tolerable wind speed 12m/s (GPS Mode) 16m/s (Height Mode, Manual Mode)
Power supply 2x Intel® Powerpack 4000 (redundant setup)

Company Info

7400 National Drive
Livermore, CA
US, 94550


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