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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. - EX8000-6 Mining Shovels

There’s no job too big for the EX8000-6. It’s our largest mining shovel, and it delivers incredible arm crowding, breakout force and horsepower. You get efficient engines, a comfortable cab, advanced hydraulics, a tough frame and powerful arm- and bucket-digging forces so you can get more work done every day.

The EX8000-6 comes standard equipped with Hitachi’s Global e-Service remote machine management system, which gives you access to each on-site machine from a PC in your office.


Key Specifications
Net Power 2 x 1,944 hp ( 2 x 1450 kW)
Operating Weight Backhoe 837 000 kg (1,845,269 lb.) / Shovel 825 000 kg (1,818,814 lb.)
Max Dig Reach Backhoe 22.3 m (73 ft. 2 in.) / Shovel 18.5 m (60 ft. 8 in.)
Max Dig Depth Backhoe 8.4 m (27 ft. 7 in.) / Shovel 4.1 m (13 ft. 5 in.)