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Loftness - Carbide Cutter G4 Mulchers

The new Carbide Cutter G4 has taken the proven performance of its predecessors to another level. Built in North America, the G4 has a refined and balanced design that makes it the standard by which all other mulching head attachments are measured. This newest generation incorporates features that make it a more durable, efficient and versatile vegetation management tool, including an improved and smoother interior body shape that decreases drag and helps prevent buildup of mud and other debris.


Key Specifications: 2 models
Cutting Width 61" (1.55 m) - 71" (1.8 m)
Overall Width 76.2" (1.94 m) - 86.2" (2.19 m)
Number of Teeth 36 - 42
Weight 2,453 LBS (1,112.6 kg) - 2,668 LBS (1,210.2 kg)
Crated Weight 2,700 LBS (1,224.7 kg) - 2,915 LBS (1,322.2 kg)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow (Up To 6,000 PSI) 33-37 GPM, 38-42 GPM, or 43-45 GPM 33-37 GPM, 38-42 GPM, or 43-45 GPM

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