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Brokk USA - Brokk 60 II Demolition Robots

The Brokk 60 mark II is the perfect demolition robot for safe and effective demolition in confined spaces. It is the smallest model in the Brokk family – actually the smallest remote-controlled demolition machine in the world – yet at least 7-8 times as effective as handheld equipment. And the Brokk 60IIdoes not get tired. This combination of power, size and light weight works won- ders in places where it previously was impossible to carry out mechanized demolition work. Compared to its’ older brother – Brokk 50 – the Brokk 60 mark II boosts productivity with 25 percent with a stronger breaker, faster movements, a new control system and an (even) lower profile. The low weight makes it ideal for indoor work on weak floors and it can be transported in an ordinary passenger elevator. It can even ”walk” up and down staircases. On top of everything else, the Brokk 60 mark II has a more durable design with protective steel plates, larger- dimensioned components and more industrial service features.


Key Specifications
Weight 500 kg (1102 lbs)
Motor output 5.5 kW
Recommended max weight attachment 80 kg (176 lbs)
Sound power level Lwa 82.9 db(A)
Transport speed, max. 2.5 km/h (0.7 m/s)

Company Info

1144 Village Way
Monroe, WA
US, 98272


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