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Mack Trucks - Titan Series Vocational Trucks

Titan by Mack is a colossal feat of engineering. This massive truck features the Mack MP10 engine — Mack’s largest ever — which boasts 515-, 565- and 605-horsepower models. Its torque ratings — 2,060 lb.-ft. at 1,200 RPMs — are in a stratosphere all their own. Built exclusively for Titan, this 16-liter engine delivers high horsepower while putting low stress on the engine with a power density of 37.8 HP/liter. Its bold, chrome styling expresses the pride of Mack while lifting the spirits of every trucker that saddles up behind the wheel. Its dominant chrome grille surround and impressive, one-of-a-kind dual air intakes and filters complement its sleek lines and long hood. Its button-tuck Rawhide Edition interior creates a luxurious work environment. And its imposing stature provides drivers an elevated seat position for improved visibility of the world around them. Titan is designed for the heavy transport market, and is ideal for logging, oil field, coal, heavy equipment, special-permit and severe heavy-haul applications.


Key Specifications
Engine Model MP10
Horsepower 605 HP
Torque 2,060 lb-ft

Company Info

7900 National Service Road
Greensboro, NC
US, 27409


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