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Bell Equipment (North America) - B50D Articulated Dump Trucks

Our D-series ADTs handle heaped payloads with faster cycle times and best-in-class fuel efficiency – so you’ll move more material at lower cost. They’re highly reliable too, with high-strength, welded-alloy steel chassis and components that are durable and optimized to reduce unnecessary weight. And with their oscillating frame joint, articulated steering and high-floatation tires, these hard working haulers won’t let wet weather or steep grades dampen your plans.


Key Specifications
Gross Power 375 kW/503 hp
Operating Mass: Unladen 34,520 kg/76,104 lbs
Operating Mass: Laden 79,920 kg/176,193 lbs
2:1 Heaped Capacity 28 m³/37 yd³
Rated Payload 45,400 kg/100,090 lbs

Company Info

11024 Bailey Road
Cornelius, NC
US, 28031


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