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The IP-S3 mobile mapping system offers high density, high precision, point clouds combined with high resolution panoramas from a system that is smaller, lighter and easier to handle.

IP-S3’s positioning system is an integration of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), GNSS receiver (GPS and GLONASS) and a vehicle odometer. It provides precise positioning and attitude in a dynamic environment.

The rotating LiDAR sensor captures the environment with a rate of 700,000 pulses per second. During each rotation, the 32 internal lasers cover the full 360 degrees around the system, each from a slightly different viewing angle. This minimizes gaps in the point cloud which arise from obstacles or dead-angles and removes the need to install multiple scanners.

Features & Benefits

High Definition Laser Scanner

Capture high-resolution, high-density 3D point clouds; Included software projects data into 3D global coordinates with accurate time stamps; Produce geo-referenced panoramas.

Positioning Component

Determine precise vehicle position and attitude; Integrated dual frequency GNSS receiver; Inertial Measurement Unit; Constantly monitor vehicle motion and attitude.

Vehicle Wheel Encoder

Encoder further enhances accuracy and reliability; Detects rotation of the wheel; Only one wheel encoder required.

Imaging Component

Panoramic 30 megapixel camera; Add-on additional imagery sensors for enhanced clarity.

IP-S3 HD1 Installation

This turnkey solution is delivered fully calibrated and ready to deploy. No pre-data collection setup steps are necessary. Simple mounting allows for easy dismounting for safe storage after fieldwork is complete.


Mapping with the IP-S3 HD1 allows you to collect more data in less time. A complete dataset is collected while keeping field personnel safe inside a vehicle.


Easily process your data with Mobile Master Office software. Get high-precision with automatic pass and intersection matching. Achieve high-accuracy with control point matching.


Mobile Master Office software easily moves the data to a point cloud extraction software of your choice such as Topcon ScanMaster, Orbit Asset Inventory software, Autodesk Recap, or Bentley PointTools.


Export extracted information into GIS and CAD deliverables, enabling the use in down-stream workflows.

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