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Komatsu America Corp. - WA380-8 Wheel Loaders

The WA380-8 is well suited for construction sites, agricultural and utility work. With excellent break out force, tipping loads and serviceability, the WA380-8 helps get the job done. The Tier 4 Final engine with enhanced controller logic helps to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

The comfortable and quiet cab includes a new, more robust, heated air suspension seat with seat-mounted controls for improved operator comfort. Like other Komatsu loaders, the 7 inch LCD color monitor allows the operator to easily keep an eye on key machine parameters. The dedicated color rear view monitor helps the operator get a better picture of the machine’s surroundings.

Service items are consolidated and accessible from ground level, making daily inspections easier. An adjustable auto-reversing fan helps keep the coolers clean in almost any application. Swing out engine doors, and a swing out cooling fan make inspections, cleaning and maintenance quick and easy.

Features & Benefits

SmartLoader Logic

This technology creates enough torque for each work phase. For example, engine torque needs are higher for digging in V-shape loading, but less when driving with an empty bucket.

Large-Capacity Torque Converter

The Komatsu designed power train has a large capacity torque converter for optimum efficiency. The WA380-8 has greater productivity in V-shape loading applications because the increased tractive effort does not require full throttle.

Enhanced Lock-Up

The designed torque converter with lock-up is standard on the WA380-8. The lock-up function activates in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. The lock-up torque converter is effective for both load and carry application and V-shape loading which uses lower gears.

Variable Displacement Piston Pump & CLSS

The variable displacement piston pump combined with the Closed-center Load Sensing System (CLSS) delivers as much hydraulic flow as the job requires, preventing wasted hydraulic flow. Minimized loss contributes to better fuel economy.

Operator Seat with Electronic Pilot Control (EPC) Levers

A new air suspension seat provides enhanced support on rough roads and dampens machine vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride for the operator. An EPC lever console is integrated in the seat and moves with the seat.

Rear View Monitoring System

The operator can view the rear of the machine with a dedicated full color monitor that is located on the right side of the cab. This monitor can be set to be always on or only on when the loader goes into reverse.

Remote Bucket and Boom Positioner

The operator can set the bucket angle and remote boom positioner from the cab. Both upper and lower boom positions are adjustable in the cab with the push of a button.

Mono Lever with Integrated 3rd Spool Control (option)

The mono lever option has been designed for improved ergonomics and comfort. When equipped with the optional 3rd spool valve, it allows the operator to control the 3rd spool with the thumb.

High Resolution 7-inch Color LCD Monitor

The machine monitor display various machine information and allows for various settings of the machine. The LCD monitor is a 7-inch color TFT-LCD and displays maintenance information, operation record, Ecology Guidance record, and other machine data.

Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown

In order to reduce idle time and save fuel cost, the Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown function will shut the engine off and apply the parking brake and hydraulic lock after a preset idle time limit.

Swing-out Type Cooling Fan

The cooling fan swings out from the engine compartment for ease of cleaning. The coolers feature wider spacing of the cooling fins to reduce clogging. Auto-reversing intervals for the fan can be customized through the monitor panel.

Rear Full Fenders (Standard)

The WA380-8 has a rear full fender as standard. The plastic rear fenders open outward, keeping the force to open the engine doors low, even when there is mud or snow on the fenders.


Key Specifications
Horsepower 191 @2100 rpm
Operating Weight 40,532 – 40,929 lbs
Bucket Capacity 3.5 – 4.3 yd³

Company Info

8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 100
Chicago, IL
US, 60631


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