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SEI Industries Ltd.

Address 7400 Wilson Avenue, Delta, BC, V4G 1H3, CA
Phone 604-946-3131
Fax 604-940-9566
Email [email protected]
Website sei-ind.com/products/spill-prevention-response

The Environmental Product Group was originally developed to support the products used within the Remote Site group. Today it manufactures secondary containment, hazardous liquid spill response and site remediation equipment that can be used in conjunction with SEI primary containment and transpiration tanks or in virtually any situation where hazardous liquids are used.

SEI specializes in secondary containment systems for fuel and has developed unique fabrics and products to meet the challenges associated with secondary containment of fuels.SEI Industries Ltd. was the first manufacturer to develop a go-no-go rain water management system the Rain Drain which is used to filter out spilled hydrocarbons from melted snow or rain water ensuring secondary containment systems remain free from excess water and maintain their protection.SEI was the first company to develop fire resistant materials (Fire Resistant Arctic-Shield) for arctic climates that could be set up above-ground.SEI also offers certified engineered products for secondary containment systems used for collapsible fuel tanks, steel tanks or drum fuel. SEI’s environmental products can be used to provide secondary containment of primary fuel storage tanks, spill protection in transfer areas or as site remediation in the event of a fuel spill.

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The first three GO-Stations are now operational in Canada’s high arctic at an undisclosed remote mine site. Built inside ISO containers, SEI GO-Stations are capable of providing everything needed to receive and transfer fuel from any bulk fuel storage system. Used to refuel vehicles and aircraft, GO-Stations provide a controlled, protected environment to house pumping, filtration, metering and dispensing equipment.

Bring your own gas station to remote sites

When there’s no gas station for a thousand miles, now you can bring your own. SEI Industries Ltd. recently launched its new GO-Station fuel modules, built inside ISO containers, and capable of providing everything needed to receive and transfer fuel from any bulk fuel storage system.