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Power Curbers

Address 727 Bendix Drive, Salisbury, NC, 28145, US
Phone 704-636-5871
Fax 704-633-8140
Email [email protected]
Website powercurbers.com

Established in 1953, Power Curbers and subsidiary Power Pavers manufacture a complete line of concrete paving equipment. The Power Curber 5700-C is the market leader in curb and gutter, barrier and sidewalk applications. Power Pavers manufactures concrete pavers, placer/spreaders, texture/cure, and form pavers for use from secondary roads to airport runways. 

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Power Curbers announces multiple promotions and hires

Power Curbers Companies, LLC is pleased to announce that Stephen Bullock has been named Chief Operating Officer. Stephen has been with Power Curbers for twenty-four years, and has been Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the last fifteen years. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University. Stephen and his wife Andrea have two daughters, Katie and Laura. 

3-D stringless machine control for curb and gutter

After years of testing, Power Curbers has announced that it now offers 3-D stringless machine control for its Power Curber 5700-C slip form curb and gutter machine. This technological breakthrough eliminates the need for setting a stringline in jobs that have been modelled in 3-D. Machine elevation and steering, which had been controlled by electronic sensors contacting a hand-placed stringline in the past, are now controlled with a total station.
Power Curbers’ networked digital control system made by MOBA accepts Leica's SmartPave 3-D controls.

Multi-purpose curb and gutter machine

Originally designed for curb and gutter work, the 5700-C now performs in many applications including sidewalks, barrier walls and pathways up to 3.5m wide. In spite of the variety of applications, the basic machine remains the same while only a mold or form changes from job to job.

Versatile curber pays off in dealing with urban obstacles

Roadbuilder Domti Engineering & Construction in Bolton, Ontario, works in urban centres such as downtown Toronto. “We have to do the work in stages,” said John Sansalone, owner of the company and operator of the curb equipment. “In the downtown areas, there are a lot of obstacles. Every road is done differently.” His Power Curber machines, with their easy maneuverability, “are great for the environment in which we use them,” he said. “The versatility of the machine, especially the hydraulics (shifting vertically and horizontally), is what attracted me to the machine.” Owning a Power Curber for the last five years also has given Domti the flexibility to take on a wider variety of jobs. “Slipform opened up a much broader field of prospective jobs.” Sansalone particularly likes the swivel chute, an option on the 5700-SUPER-B and standard on his new 5700-C. The swivel chute allows the operator to line up the concrete truck directly in front of the machine for pouring in smaller, high-traffic volume areas such as city streets. Locating the steps in back of the machine on the 5700-C makes it much easier to get off and on in an urban work environment, Sansalone added. “The instrumentation seems more intuitive,” he said. “The thought and time and input in the machine (design) does show. I like the screen (on the operator’s panel) that shows the diagram of the machine and the alignment of the front track.” Sansalone initially chose a Power Curber because of the auger conveyor. “It was not based on experience but on analyzing the mechanics of it. We’ve done concrete a long time. The idea of the auger conveyor works better than the belt. With the concrete contained in the auger, it just doesn’t dry up as quickly.”

Faster production of curbs and barriers

A Quebec contractor specializing in slipform curb and barrier work has added a Power Curber 5700-SUPER-B to its fleet of six large competitive machines.

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