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Company Description:

TY Cushion Tire is the innovator of the solid cushion tire line. Our skid-steer tire line was the first to introduce the "Aperature Structure" solid tire. This unique structure allows the solid tire to ride like a regular pneumatic tire without the hassle of puncture tires. By reducing the amount of rubber used on the solid tire, it allows us to reduce total weight (including wheels) by up to 30%, therefore increasing your fuel efficiency.

Breakthrough design combined with unique rubber compound, allows our solid tire to wear more evenly and last longer. 

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Selecting the Right Solid Tires for Industry Specific Applications

Approximately twenty years ago, those of us working in the off-road heavy equipment industry regularly witnessed a high amount of failures in machines operating on cement or other hard surfaces. Extended steel rims were used with small, hard, rubber wheels. When these rubber tires chipped and chunked, vibrations and bouncing sent shockwaves into the machine, causing shortened life and expensive repairs, not to mention stress on operators. Drivetrain components (U-joints and articulation joints) in particular often suffered from stress cracks caused by vibrations and a bouncing machine. 

Aperture structure solid tire ideal for scrapyard applications

Ideal for applications in scrap steel recycling, California-based TY Cushion Tire says their skid-steer tire line is the first to include the “Aperture Structure” solid tire. This unique structure allows the solid tire to ride like a regular pneumatic tire without the hassle of punctures and frequent changes common in “tough” environments such as scrap yards, recycling facilities and composting operations.


TYGAR Manufacturing™, LLC, is  introducing the next generation Bengal curb machine, the TG1000 XL.    The Bengal has been significantly enhanced to provide more strength, longevity and more choices in curb shapes, resulting in a greater value to curb contractors. The improved features include  the first-ever integrated cabling system, a new & improved hopper liner, and a larger number of standard mold shapes.     “Because TYGAR’s CurbCable System is now integrated into the machine’s design, contractors can more readily increase the strength of any curbing job without having to attach a separate apparatus, like with other machines, “ said Clifton Dodge, sales manager of TYGAR.      While TYGAR’s original model was the first to include a durable poly plastic liner for the hopper, TYGAR’s new and improved liner is designed to provide even greater functionality to the extrusion and clean-up process. By adding a 6x4 round cap mold along with TYGAR’s three other standard molds, the Bengal now has more shapes to offer than any other standard curb machine on the market.  In addition to the increased functionality of the Bengal XL, the machine is still the only machine with the versatility to produce over 30 different stamp patterns, 25 distinct curb shapes, 24” walkways, and curbs with accent lighting.    “With one-day installs and tremendous versatility, TYGAR’s innovative new system is sure to be a great profit generator for contractors,” said Crosswell.