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Asia Cement Group opts for 13.7 km long BEUMER Group troughed belt conveyor in Sichuan, China

From the quarry to the cement plant: BEUMER Group built a 12.5-kilometre-long conveyor through hilly terrain and unstable ground in the Chinese province of Sichuan. An additional, smooth running system is added with a length of 13.7 kilometres. This system can feed a potential third conveyor with limestone.

Sichuan Yadong Cement Co, Ltd. in Pengzhou, China, has been relying on a 12.5 km overland conveyor from BEUMER Group in order to convey limestone from their quarry to their silo. When constructed in 2009 it was the longest belt conveying system in BEUMER history (BEUMER installed a longer system in 2016). The troughed belt conveyor runs through hilly terrain and nature reserves, over streams and unstable ground. The second project includes two additional overland conveyors, with an overall length of 13.7 kilometres, transporting limestone to the cement plant. Unlike the first project, the task here was to build the conveyor across inhabited areas. Noise emission limitations set forth by the government also needed to be considered.

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