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Bush Hog

Address 2501 Griffin Ave, Selma, AL, 36701, US
Phone (800) 363-6096
Fax (334) 874-2701
Website bushhog.com

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Bush Hog 4430 4x4

Bush Hog’s new 4430 4x4 won’t ever go out of style because it’s designed to fill a need that doesn’t change – the need for performance operators can count on year after year. The new 4430 4x4 is built with Bush Hog Tough Features. The 4430 4x4 delivers traction, load carrying capacity and smooth ride. Its performance is proven in the field and in Bush Hog tests that measure traction, load carrying capability and ride. In traction tests pulling a weight transfer sled with a 1,000-pound weight, the Bush Hog 4430 4x4 pulled the sled to the end of a 100-foot track and beyond. In load carrying capacity tests with a maximum load, the Bush Hog 4430 4x4 provided more ground clearance and maintained a smooth ride with plenty of remaining shock absorber travel.