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Address 2640 Jason Industrial Parkway, Winston, GA, 30187, US
Website solesbees.com
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About Solesbee's

Solesbee's offers a wide range of heavy equipment attachments for forklifts, bulldozers, front-end and back-end loaders, excavators, and tractors.

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Solesbee’s rakes fit most dozer blades without customization

Solesbee's, a Kinshofer company, offers blade-mounted dozer rakes as an efficient solution for land clearing, raking brush, and piling trees and branches. The rakes' c-curve design rolls brush and debris, making it easy to windrow material while minimizing the amount of dirt pushed with it. The rakes also feature an extended upright with multiple holes to easily mount on nearly any dozer blade without customization. 

Solesbee’s bucket thumbs boost excavator versatility

Solesbee's offers its series of manual and hydraulic excavator thumbs for any size and model of excavator. The thumbs allow operators to move from one application to another, such as moving dirt or material, without changing attachments. This versatility significantly increases efficiency for a variety of applications, including land clearing, site preparation, demolition and recycling.