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About Uptake:

Uptake is a predictive analytics SaaS platform that delivers solutions in major industries, resulting in increased productivity, reliability and safety. Leveraging partnerships with industry icons, Uptake’s platform aggregates enterprise and external data and applies cross-industry data science to produce high-value, actionable insights. Uptake’s platform is powered by a continuous feedback loop, recommending impactful actions that are then optimized by human intelligence. For more information, visit uptake.com.

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Uptake partners with Caterpillar to transform the construction industry through data analytics

The constructionindustry has seen it coming for a while now: The commoditization and decreased costs of telematics, both in terms of hardware and connectivity, could help lead to billions of dollars worth of new efficiencies in operations and capital management. Several factors, including a down turned economy and glut of used equipment that has at times slowed the purchasing of new machines, have meant the industry has been slow to adopt telematics and the so-called industrialinternet-of-things. But there are signs that will soon dramatically change.