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Hilti, Procore to connect on digital workflow support

The Hilti Group, a manufacturer and provider of construction tools, technology and productivity solutions, is collaborating with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, to help strengthen digital workflows and drive productivity on jobsites. As part of the joint effort, Hilti ON!Track asset management system will become compatible for Procore platform users. The announcement was made during Procore's Groundbreak 2019, one of the largest construction conferences in the U.S.

Procore project tools give builders a boost

Towering high above Toronto's tallest buildings at 306.3 metres, a new skyscraper will soon join the skyline. Located at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor Street, The One is set to be the tallest building in Canada. With a distinctive design featuring dramatic diagonal steel pieces framed by mega-columns on each side, the unique design is as visually stunning as it is complex. Both the developer and construction manager agreed they needed project management software that was comprehensive enough to manage one of the largest projects the city – and country – has ever seen.

Adding business management tools makes sense for all sizes of contractor

It's no secret that the construction industry can be a little behind other sectors in its adoption of technology. Many smaller companies – and some larger – have been slow to recognize the potential benefits of incorporating new developments in technology as part of their business, but as new, younger people come into the industry things are beginning to move in a new direction.

Procore: a solution that grows with your business.

Growth means change. It means looking for ways to handle more work while staying lean. It means finding a way to give different teams access to the same information at the same time. The more you grow, the more your success depends on seamless collaboration. It's what makes Procore's unlimited user model so unique. "The workflows in Procore make it such that one person can handle a lot more than they could before. It's allowed us to run projects a lot leaner than we have in the past." Matt Gore, Project Manager | Scott Construction

Sage, Procore integrations updated for enhanced operations across construction industry

Updates have been released to the Sage and Procore Integrations announced in June 2018, making them better equipped to serve users across the construction industry. With enhancements to the Sage 300 CRE integration and launch of the Sage 100 integrations, Procore is able to offer something to every construction professional, regardless of your size or trade. Improving upon these two Sage integrations has been another step toward providing tools that work for professionals throughout the industry, streamlining their jobs and simplifying the workflow.

Multivista, Procore partner, allow integration for customers of both services

Multivista, a provider of documentation and software services for the construction industry, has entered a partnership with Procore, a provider of cloud-based apps for construction. Through an advanced integration, users of both services can immediately attach and reference Multivista-captured visual data to perform critical project functions within Procore.

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How PROCORE is making construction management easier

Most large construction projects have traditionally been managed through simple approaches – pen and paper notes, spreadsheets, and other easy to use systems. While these systems are accessible to managers, supervisors and others of all skill levels, today’s projects tend to require far more than just an Excel spreadsheet.