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Address 394 Highway 47, Unit # 7, Goodwood, ON, L0C 1A0, CA
Phone 905-642-6996
Fax 905-642-6006
Toll free 1-800-361-0556
Website rosta.ca

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Self-tensioning motor bases

Rosta’s self-tensioning motor bases are used on a wide range of V-belt driven equipment. With sizes ranging from fractional to 500 hp, the units are able to extend belt and sheave life and provide a positive drive without slippage.

Back-up camera for fleets

The RearSight back-up camera system features a five-inch TFT-LCD monitor that mounts directly in the vehicle’s headliner to display with a large, wide angle view for drivers. The monitor has a reverse override function as well as dual video inputs for navigation, interior camera and/or DVD. A heavy-duty, waterproof colour image camera provides a 150-degree wide-angle view behind the vehicle that is transferred to the in-cab monitor. The camera features auto infrared for night vision.

Add safety with back-up camera installation

Rostra’s Rear-Sight features a heavy duty, waterproof CCD colour image camera, providing the driver with a 150-degree wide-angle view from behind the rear of the vehicle. In addition, valuable infra-red night vision and a microphone on the camera allow the operator to hear and see what’s going on behind the vehicle. Inside the cab, a five-inch TFT-LCD colour monitor can be installed in less than an hour using the stem mount. For fleet owners who operate a wide variety of vehicles, there is a new five-inch mounting stem available. With this stem, the in-vehicle monitor can be mounted to a vehicle’s windshield, making it ideal for trucks, vans and vehicles that are not equipped with rearview mirrors.