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Construction wages in BC expected to rise by nearly 10 percent through 2019

Employment and wages are expected to rise in the construction sector through 2019, according to the ICBA.

B.C. construction workers should see pay raises of nearly 10 percent over the next two years, according to the results of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association's (ICBA) 2018 Wage and Benefits Survey. But it's still getting tougher and tougher for companies to find skilled workers.

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Immigration Drives Construction and B.C. Economy

Population increase is the sum of three factors, and in BC immigration is by far the biggest  component. As recently as the early 1990s, inter-provincial migration was a bigger driver,  but immigration now far out-strips it in scope, and “natural increase” is expected to  become “natural decrease” in the years ahead.

When you want to see how strong B.C.’s construction industry is going to be – look at the number of people deciding to call British Columbia home.

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