3550 Perry Highway
Hadley, PA
US, 16130

The AmeriDeck™ provides truck owners with a safe and efficient method for loading and unloading equipment and materials. Gone are the days of ramps and back aches. With multiple detachable and interchangeable decks, now you can load, haul, dump and unload equipment and materials with ease.

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Heavy-duty cargo loading

Heavy-duty cargo loading

The ChoreMaster quickly transforms any full size pick-up truck into a versatile multipurpose 3-in-1 utility vehicle. This is a dump body with over 40 cubic feet of capacity for loose material such as mulch, soil, stone, etc. The ChoreMaster container is easily detached from the truck mounted lifting arm for use as a drop and leave refuse container. This cargo loading system will load up to 2,000 pounds from ground level into the truck cargo box with the touch of a button.

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