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Prolong Super Lubricants

Address 1937 Mount Vernon Avenue, Pomona, CA, 91768, US
Phone 909-865-3081
Fax 909-865-4467
Website prolong.com

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New Prolong(R) Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment Improves Mileage, Performance of Work Trucks and Vans

Prolong(r) Super Lubricants offers an advanced, concentrated Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment to improve the fuel mileage and performance of heavy duty diesel work trucks and commercial vans. Prolong's Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment is formulated with premium detergents that remove gum, deposits and sludge buildup from injectors and the entire fuel system. The result is better fuel economy and less black smoke, as well as protection against fuel system corrosion and premature wear of pumps and injectors.

Proactive Lubrication Protects Valuable Aggregate Equipment

Aggregate producers working with multi-million dollar pieces of equipment understand the need to stay ahead of equipment failures by performing regularly-scheduled routine maintenance. One of the most vital cogs in an aggregate facility which requires particular attention are rock crushers, but unfortunately many times crushers are neglected until they seize and lock up. At that point, the only remedy is replacement, which is an extremely expensive solution.