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Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC)

Address 400-70 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON, M5E 1R2, CA
Phone 647-883-2719
Website cornerstonestandards.ca
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Cornerstone Standards Council Presents the World's First Responsible Quarry Certificate

In a world first, CRH Canada Group Inc.'s Acton Quarry has been certified as socially and environmentally responsible. Stone, sand and gravel from the quarry will now carry the Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) label and, for the first time ever, buyers will be able to purchase aggregate materials knowing they come from an operation that protects the environment, engages openly with the community and operates following industry best practices. For aggregate operators, CSC's certification promises a less contentious licensing process and a new way to earn community support.

CSC and University of Waterloo CHEC Initiative team up to support aggregate certification in Ontario

The Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) has engaged the University of Waterloo CHEC (Community, Health, Environment and Communications) Initiative in a two-year, $118,900 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help it do a variety of activities, including the implementation of a voluntary certification system for aggregate extraction in Ontario.

Council's Resolution on CSC Certified Aggregate Materials Paves the Way for Responsible Infrastructure in Waterloo Region

The Region of Waterloo has passed a resolution encouraging local aggregate producers to pursue certification under the Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC). It also directs staff to monitor the aggregate industry in order to identify opportunities to incorporate certified aggregates in the Region's tendering guidelines. This is an important early step toward developing a market for socially and environmentally responsible aggregate products in Southwestern Ontario.

Windmill Developments, The Minto Group and ZZEN Group of Companies team up for a more responsible aggregate sector

Windmill Developments, The Minto Group and ZZEN Group of Companies sent notice to the Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) that they will preferentially purchase certified aggregate materials if other factors like price, quality and availability are equal. This announcement is an important step towards a building industry that recognizes aggregate sites that voluntarily operate under more stringent requirements than law.