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Process Heating Company

Address 2732 - 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98134-1983, US
Phone 206-682-3414
Fax 206-682-1582
Website processheating.com

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PHCo Patch King pothole patchers provide safe, efficient heat all day long

The Patch King pothole patcher from Process Heating Company (PHCo) heats hot or cold mix patching material and keeps it at the ideal working temperature, from 50° to 350° F, for at least 10 hours. The unit features Lo-Density open-coil drywell-style heaters, evenly distributed across the sides, bottom, ends and discharge doors, which dissipate up to 1 watt per square inch of heat. The result is reliable, consistent heat throughout the hopper, without cold or hot spots in the material. Operators can either heat the material at the beginning of the day, set a time clock for early morning pre-heating or keep it hot overnight for more efficient use of material and improved worker productivity. Because it heats without flame, the Patch King eliminates safety concerns from fossil-fuel-heated patching equipment.

Process Heating Company to Showcase Hassle-Free Low-Watt Density Tank Heaters at World of Asphalt 2015

Process Heating Company will bring its safe, consistent, long-life, hassle-free electric tank heating technology to World of Asphalt, March 17-19, 2015, in Baltimore, Maryland. Process Heating Company’s Lo-Density Unitized Storage Tank Heaters may be installed into any above-ground tank or vat, and dissipate controlled heat as low as three watts per square inch on the heater’s sheath to prevent coking or damaging of temperature-sensitive material. Unitized Heaters feature the company’s unique drywell-style elements that reside inside the sheath, making them accessible from outside of the tank and eliminating the need to drain the tank to service the elements. Process Heating Company’s tank heaters enjoy decades of problem-free operation.

100% Efficient Electric Flanged Immersion Heaters Simplify Maintenance

Process Heating Company offers Flanged Immersion Heaters, which can be built into any tank, large vat or reservoir ranging from 100 to 1 million gallons to provide precise, controlled heat that prevents coking or damaging of temperature-sensitive material. The flange-mounted heater is unique in the industry because it features a drywell-style element that resides inside a pipe or tube, allowing the element to be accessed and removed from outside the tank for maintenance, eliminating the need to drain the tank to service the elements.