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Address 800 East Center Street, Bellevue, OH, 44811, US
Phone 800-843-7512
Website americanbaler.com
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Established in 1945, American Baler Company is one of the oldest and most respected baler manufactures in the world. Whether you have a low-volume or high-production requirements, we have manufactured balers of every type for every application including horizontal balers, wide mouth balers, single-ram and two-ram balers and closed door balers. As a long standing leader in the baler industry, American Baler has been the force behind many key baling innovations such as:

*the first continuous horizontal fiber baler
*the first continuous balers with hydraulic cylinders
*the first hydraulic four-way tension control
*the first electro/hydraulic auto-tying system

American Baler is an active and contributing partner in the industries we serve. As well as working with customers to refine today's recycling and recovery technologies, members of our staff serve on industry committees and associations to provide education and insight into the potential for future development.

Whether you need your baler to process 2 tons or 50 tons-per-hour, or anywhere in between, our goal is deliver to baler that gives you the best possible return on your investment. We continually strive to produce the lowest total cost per bale backed 24/7 by the industry's number one sales and service network.

From recycling facilities to paper and plastics processors to distribution centers throughout the world, American Baler continues to prove that:
The best balers are built the American Way in Bellevue Ohio! 

Single Ram Auto-Tie Balers

A full range of single ram auto-tie balers for low volume and very high volume baling of OCC, paper, shreds, trim, cans

Single Ram, Full Eject, Manual Tie Balers

Single ram, full eject, manual-tie balers for low volume OCC, paper, plastics, cans

Two Ram Balers

A wide range of narrow box and wide box two ram balers for OCC, paper, plastics, cans, and non-ferrous scrap metal

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