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Equipment Theft on the Rise

Ontario Provincial Police estimate that 15 to 20 million dollars worth of heavy construction equipment is stolen in that province alone each year. According to CBC News, across Canada the cost to the industry for heavy equipment theft is estimated at 46 million dollars per year. Organized crime has moved onto building sites, CBC says, and as a result, stolen Canadian equipment and materials are ending up everywhere from Russia to the Middle East.

LoJack assists Canadian & U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies in International Crime Ring Bust, Recovering $3.2 Million in Assets

LoJack Canada, a subsidiary of LoJack Corporation, which delivers vehicle-related safety and security services, has announced its participation with the international crime ring investigation Project Windows. The operation included collaborative efforts between Canadian Law Enforcement, United States Homeland Security and Canadian Border Services, who each played a key role in tracking the group of highly-skilled criminals responsible for stealing more than $5.4 million in vehicles as part of an organized crime ring.