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Address 103 Highline Drive, Longwood, FL, 32750, US
Phone 407-831-6688
Toll Free 800-393-6688
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Company Description:

Pemberton is a leading manufacturer of attachements for excavators, wheel loaders, and material handlers. Founded by brothers Todd and Bruce Pemberton in 1978, the company provides attachments to industries ranging from construction and demolition to mining and forestry. Pemberton strives to combine the best designs with high quality materials and construction, and with rapid delivery, all at competetive prices.

Standard Orange Peel Grapple

Pemberton’s Standard Orange Peel grapple is constructed of high strength alloy steels. It features hinge points with oversized, hardened steel pins and bushings. The hydraulic cylinders, fittings and hoses are completely enclosed to prevent damage. Weld-on replaceable AR tips are standard.

GY Series I Orange Peel Grapple

Our GY Orange Peel Grapple features guarded but accessible 5000 PSI cylinders with friction welded rod eyes. All the hydraulic hose lengths are the same for easier maintenance. Other features include an oversized rotator and slew ring, double grease fittings on the lower pivot points, and heavy duty, long lasting main leaves.

Power Picker Sorting and Recycling Tool

The Power Picker is a straightforward but unique attachment that gives an operator tweezer-like precision when processing cars, white goods, and other items for recycling. It can handle anything from an automobile to a soda can.

PES 100R Mobile Shears

These “miniature monsters” feature 360° continuous rotation standard. Processes ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

CBG Car Body Grapple

Car Body Grapples have two movable jaws with a positive bucket hook up on top. 360° continuous hydraulic rotation is optional. These grapples are ideal in applications where placement and stability are critical. Demolition and material handling are the most common, although we do tend to see them in the waste and recycling industries as well. The standard CBG's have boxed tine construction and are available in 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5 tine configurations. The CBG style grapple is also available in a narrow tine configuration. All CBG style grapples have hardened steel pins and bushings as well as grease fittings at all hinge areas.


GY Series I Orange Peel Grapple Video

Power Picker Sorting and Recycling Tool Video

Pemberton CBG Wide Tine 2_3 In Action Video