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Worldwide Power Products

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Worldwide Power Products announces partnership with Hythane Company to offer OptiBlend bi-fuel solution for diesel engines

Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power-generation equipment provider to industrial clients worldwide, announced it has licensed the rights to sell Hythane Company's OptiBlend solution, which enables traditional diesel engines to burn a mixture of natural gas and diesel. WPP will offer OptiBlend-equipped diesel engines and generator sets for sale and rental and will also sell retrofitting services to owners of existing diesel generators. WPP's service technicians will be certified to install the conversion kits both at the WWP facility and in the field.

Power Generation Equipment: Rent versus Purchase

In some cases, such as for plant turnarounds or retrofits; or to power temporary, portable housing or office trailers; the decision to rent a generator can be clear-cut. Similarly, for entities such as data centers or public safety authorities for whom an outage is unacceptable, permanent installation of standby power is an obvious choice.