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 MSS Inc. is a division of the CP Group of Companies (2012)

Aladdin optical sorting technology 

 Designed for high-capacity optical sorting of plastic bottles by resin type and colour, MSS Inc's Aladdin, standard module, generates two or three output streams from one input stream. In a split configuration it can sort two input streams at the same time generating a total of up to six outputs.  

The Aladdin has integrated color and near infrared (NIR) sensing, providing precise plastic resin and color identification simultaneously in one module. An integrated automated sensor cleaning system also ensures maximum uptime. The Aladdin can also separate opaque from transparent objects and provides double signal intensity for transparent objects (light-blue PET, PVC/PET).  

Incoming material is distributed over the machine width and travels underneath the sensor array, which is mounted on top and at the end of a high/speed acceleration belt.   NIR and color sensors identify material type and color of all objects passing through the sensor. State-of-the-art electronics process the detected signals and activate air valves which eject the targeted material upward/downward into a chute.  

A touchscreen user interface allows full setup control. Factory software upgrades and advanced diagnostics are available via modem /network connection.  

A-1600-3 - Sorting Capacity 4.0 tons/hr  
Sorting Efficiency 90-95% 
Electrical Requirements approx. 10kW 
Air Pressure 100 psi / 7 bar   

A-2000-3 - sorting capacity 5.0 tons/hr
sorting efficiency - 90-95%
Electrical Requirements approx. 12kW
Air Pressure 100 psi / 7 bar   

Smaller or larger machine sizes are available upon request, and a variety of options are available.  

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