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Company Bio:

Sunnen is the technological leader in high-precision honing for all types of down-hole oil field instruments and tubes. We have a full line of machines, tools and abrasives for whatever work-piece or material you are honing. With a family of 10 precision honing systems, we can supply the exact equipment to meet your requirements. Our machines maintain the tightest tolerances and create the exact bore geometry needed. Trust Sunnen’s superior honing technology to keep your systems running at peak performance.

Our 650 employees are ready to serve you worldwide from 13 global offices.


HTA series tube hones

The all-electric HTA tube hone series packs high-end features into an affordable, flexible system. It is ideal for resurfacing and repair work requiring light-duty stock removal up to 0.030" (0.76 mm). Standard models are available for part lengths from 6.5' (2 m) to 32.8' (10 m). Custom lengths available too. All models handle parts with bore ID of 2.5" to 21" (63.5 – 533 mm).

HTG series tube hones

HTG series tube hones bring  honing efficiency and 24" (609.6 mm) ID capacity for heavy energy-industry parts. Built rugged for high-production requirements of the oil and gas industry, HTG tube hones offer high reliability, flexibility, and 200+ in3/hr stock removal rate for part lengths up to 44.7' (13.6 m).

SV-2500 series vertical hones

The SV-2500 series is a powerful vertical honing machine that features the latest technology – a linear feed system that delivers the most precise and fastest control of feed on the market - to meet the demanding requirements for precision large-part applications. For bore diameters 0.75" to 12" (19 to 300 mm).


SV-2400 series machines have a unique stroking system that produces a true vertical stroke and can dwell in any part of the bore, end-to-end, producing the straightest, roundest bore possible with a consistent crosshatch pattern. The machine's standard 10-hp (7.5 kW) spindle handles bore diameters of 0.75" to 8" (19 to 203 mm).


The HTE is industry's most cost-effective small-bore hone. It produces ideal bore geometry and surface finish, while eliminating problems from bad tool-to-part alignment and excessive feed rates that cause tool breaks and scrap parts. It handles parts up to 60” (1524 mm) long and has an ID range of 0.15-0.79” (4-20 mm)

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