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Address 3130 South 1030 West, Suite 1, Salt Lake City, UT, 84119, US
Website powerblanket.com

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Powerblanket Extra-Hot blankets accelerate cold weather construction jobs

Powerblanket’s Extra-Hot (EH) heating blankets provide added levels of heat for rapid thawing capability and superior equipment and machinery protection for construction contractors, masons, utility companies, and many others. Featuring patented GreenHeat Technology, the EH blankets create a barrier of insulated heat for effective temperature control and freeze prevention.

Powerblanket Surface Heaters Protect Diesel Exhaust Fluid In Cold Weather

Designed to meet the specific temperature demands of the growing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) market, Powerblanket’s line of wraparound DEF heaters offer an ideal solution for year-round temperature control of DEF totes, pumps and dispensing units. Utilizing patented GreenHeatÒ Technology, the heaters provide filling stations, fleet managers, farmers and other users with a barrier of insulated heat that protects against freezing in cold weather environments.