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Address Via Astico,n° 30/A, 36030 Fara Vicentino (VI) - Italy, IT
Phone: +39 0445 308148
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Volvo EC200E Excavator
The EC200E crawler excavator gives a new choice for contractors and rental companies who want Volvo quality with exceptional value in light to medium applications.

MB to show special line of products dedicated to recycling at Ecomondo trade fair

The management of the waste generated by construction and demolition has become an important issue -- a subject of debate and often, of dispute. In reality, inert waste is not a problem for worksites. It is and must become a resource. Construction debris, for example, can be processed by MB Crusher machinery and transformed into material ready for re-use on the site itself, or sold for other applications. In this way, companies are no longer compelled to dispose of construction debris at the dump, but can put it back into the work cycle, saving time and earning money.

MB Crusher launches its 4th edition of the MB-S14 screening bucket

According to Italy-based MB S.p.A, the cleaner and more homogeneous the material obtained after a recycling process is, the more value it will have, both economically and ecologically. Being able to use inert materials of quality - or being able to resell them to third-party companies - is now a deciding factor for being competitive. It is precisely for this reason that having in-house machinery such as the highly productive MB Crusher screening bucket, which can quickly select any material that is homogeneous in size, makes all the difference.

The MB revolution crusher bucket reaches fourth generation

MB CRUSHER has announced availability of the BF90.3 S4 Crusher Bucket to the Canadian construction and recycling market. According to the Italy-based manufacturer, the BF90.3 was the first crusher bucket in the world ever made. Designed to handle the most challenging conditions on any site, the BF90.3 is built to be extremely compact and versatile and has been updated and made more powerful over the years. Suitable for all crushing operations,  it maintains the same results in terms of performance with all types of inert material.

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