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TerraTec Industries

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Ultra-wide AggreScreed solves unique problems

In 2004, Myron Mullett was working on a government contract job that required his excavating company to lay 90 miles of gravel. “In order to meet the tolerance they gave me, I would have had to drive three rows of stakes for all of that distance,” he said. “I thought ‘there must be a better way’.” So he began to explore the possibility of designing a blade that would maintain gravel precisely without the need for stakes. “I asked people in the industry what they thought of the idea and they kept bringing up why it wouldn’t work,” he says. “So I tried an inexpensive prototype. And it worked way better than we ever thought it would.”
That was five years and three prototypes ago. Now, TerraTec’s AggreScreed is set to change the way roads are built.