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Concept entirely new to the explosives industry

The technically advanced SparkMaster initiator is set to meet the needs of explosive engineers who require a reliable shock tube-based system. In inclement conditions, it can be operated without being removed from the weather-proof carrying case. Instead of rechargeable batteries, the SparkMaster’s charge is provided by a set of replaceable batteries with a spark life of some 500 firings. A LED warns when the batteries should be renewed.
To avoid dud firings from degraded ‘sparkers’, applying a concept entirely new to the industry, the energy is delivered to the firing shocktube by an inexpensive, disposable, single-use ‘sparker’.
Three ‘traffic-light LED’s indicate status. Red warns of a used or missing ‘sparker’. Orange shows the unit is charging and Green advises that the SparkMaster is ready for firing.
For firing, the male end of an un-used ‘sparker’ is pushed firmly into the Sparkmaster and, using the knife integrated into the body of the SparkMaster, the end of the shocktube is trimmed and inserted into the open end of the ‘sparker’.
Firing requires two handed operation. The blaster inserts the magnetic safety key and holds it in place with one hand. When the SparkMaster gives the Green light, he presses the firing button with the other hand. The ‘sparker’ then injects a spark into the shocktube to initiate the blast.
The SparkMaster cannot be operated without the magnetic safety key and firing can be aborted simply be releasing the key which is automatically ejected by a spring-loaded mechanism. The main capacitors will discharge internally returning the SparkMaster to a ‘safe’ condition.