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Absolute E-Z Up

Address 295 Seven Farms Drive, Suite C-193, Charleston, SD, 29492, US
Phone 843-388-2556
Fax 843-388-2558
Website absolutee-zup.com

The AEUP Story

AEUP was founded on one principle - finding a better way to serve the needs of customers in the access equipment industry. We're a new company with 25 years of industry experience, and our goal is to deliver the finest, safest products available and build a "Customer-Centered" business model that places a premium on long-term relationships and customer satisfaction well after the sale is completed.

For distributors, re-sellers and end-users alike the most important aspect of any piece of equipment is safe, dependable up-time. If it's being repaired you're not making money. AEUP is the exclusive North and Central American distributor of Bravi access equipment. With a fifteen year, world-wide reputation for innovation, safety and reliability, Bravi may be new to these shores, but has proven itself in countless applications around the world. Add to that the single best warranty in the trade (more than double the length of most manufacturers) and you have a winning combination of dependability and one of the most versatile lines of equipment in the business.

But the AEUP story is more than the equipment we proudly represent. It is also the way we go about our business.

Our mission is to be the most responsive, best informed organization we can be so that our business partners, distributors, rental agents and the guy in the platform using the equipment all have the information and expertise needed to be safe and successful. From seamless tech support, to face-to-face training, from a "no clutter" approach to sales, to long-term follow up, our organization is nimble and responsive enough to handle the smallest question, and big enough to deliver on the industry's best products and warranty.

Once you try these machines and experience the AEUP way of doing business you'll know why we say, "Work Just Got Fun Again!"

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Aerial work platform with zero-degree turning radius

With the addition of the new Absolute E-Z Up IAWP-15 aerial work platform, customers now have another method to get to hard to reach places safely and efficiently. Designed for the demanding rental industry, the new IAWP-15 is rugged and durable and has the ability to drive over a 35 percent grade and can negotiate tight areas with its zero degree inside turning radius. With a unique design and dual extension decks, the IAWP-15 has achieved an unheard of unrestricted platform capacity of 617 pounds.
Standing at a platform height of 15 feet, reaching and completing projects is a snap for this work horse. Four six volt marine grade deep cycle batteries produce 180 amp hours each, generating enough power for over 400 lift cycles or driving in excess of 5.5 miles. That power, coupled with its unique drive design, allows the IAWP-15 to be able to work well beyond the typical single and double work shifts required of today’s equipment. Rated a two man unit, the IAWP-15 can be easily and safely operated by one operator.