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KiON Specialty Polymers

Address 4331 Chesapeake Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28216, US
Email [email protected]
Website kioncorp.com

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Protect surfaces from graffiti and dirt

Graffiti is a challenge for public buildings, as it is often difficult to remove and can damage the surfaces it is applied to. Coatings that can protect both against graffiti and ground-in dirt on surfaces can save time and money.
G-Shield coatings from Clariant are cost-effective and ready-to-use materials that can be applied easily. One coat of G-Shield is enough to provide protection against paints, varnishes and marker inks. The material is highly transparent, and will not affect the normal appearance of walls. Cleaning is easy – simply spray on a commercial cleaning product and wipe the graffiti and dirt away with a soft cloth. Gels or thicker cleaners can be used on vertical walls. High pressure spray wash can also be used. The barrier can be washed numerous times.