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Under pressure

It is present in countless shops from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. There it sits, the lonely piece of equipment in the corner, collecting dust after weeks, months, even years of neglect. The sad machine that stopped working perfectly one day was simply brushed aside to make room for a newer, shinier model. Sound familiar?
What is especially heartbreaking about this common tale is how many of these machines would still be working to their fullest potential had they received simple care and routine maintenance.
For a pressure washer, this scenario is especially upsetting. A machine that serves the purpose to clean and brighten being doomed to a life of gathering dirt and grime in a dark corner is just plain wrong. But this doesn’t have to happen. In fact, when properly maintained, a pressure washer can easily be expected to last anywhere from 5 to 10 and even 20 years. Armed with the knowledge of basic maintenance techniques, and how and when to perform them, anyone can save their pressure washer from a short, unfulfilling life.

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