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Neenah Foundry

Address 2121 Brooks Avenue, Neenah, WI, 54956, US
Phone 800.558.5075
Fax 920.729.3661
Website nfco.com

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Durable warning plates provide added safety

Neenah Foundry’s Detectable Warning Plates are a durable, cast-iron product with a raised set of bumps aimed at ensuring visually impaired people are aware of pedestrian hazards. The plates are cast in two-foot squares, allowing them to be used in a modular design based on the need of the particular location with smooth, even seams. Radius sections are also available. The gray iron provides excellent non-skid characteristics, is highly resistant to snowplow damage, has a natural patina that provides a good visual contrast (though optional powder-coated finishes in federal yellow, optical white and brick red are available), and is low-maintenance. Plates can be easily set into wet concrete, and integral lugs provide a strong attachment.