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Custom steel trailer features no bunks

If you were simply driving by Kevin Fairhurst’s K&D Transport yard in Stoney Creek, Ontario, you probably wouldn’t give his flatbed trailers a second look. But whenever his fellow truckers see a steel coil getting hoisted onto one of these trailers at any of the steel mills in southern Ontario, Fairhurst suddenly has a lot of questions to answer.

Aluminum-body trailer built for asphalt hauling

A Titan aluminum-body trailer custom-built for asphalt hauling will “walk off” asphalt loads directly into paver hopper at a controlled rate, so the paver can run continuously and achieve a smooth result. Since the trailer doesn’t elevate, the hot mat has no chance to segregate. Meanwhile, the unloading process automatically remixes the asphalt as it enters the hopper. Titan even includes a remote control so the flow rate can also be set from the paver. By remaining level, the trailer can operate safely around overhead wires and can work on normal side slopes without fear of tipping.

Asphalt trailer gets good marks from contractors

A new asphalt trailer with a unique unloading system went to work for John Pursely, the owner of the small southern Ontario company Pursely Paving (est. 1947), last fall. Pursely, one of the first paving contractors to test the V-Floor trailer introduced recently by Titan Trailers Inc. of Delhi, Ontario, is expecting the unit to provide opportunities for bigger contracts in the coming year.

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