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Deep Root

Address 530 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA, 94111, US
Phone 800 458 7668
Fax 800 277 7668
Email [email protected]
Website deeproot.com

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Subsurface tree and storm water management system

Deep Root’s patented flagship product, Silva Cell, is a subsurface integrated tree and stormwater management system that addresses the unique needs of an urban landscaping environment. Ideal for use by landscape contractors and urban architects, Silva Cell is a solution for growing large trees while treating stormwater onsite. Made of an ultra high-strength compound of glass and polypropylene that meets H-20 loading standards, each Silva Cell is composed of frames and a deck. Frames can be stacked up to three units high before being topped with a deck to create a maximum amount of soil volume (92 percent void space) for tree root growth and stormwater treatment, while accommodating surrounding utilities. The bottom portion of the frame itself is relatively pliable, allowing it to conform to irregularities in the earth without breaking or suffering loss of strength. Six rigid vertical posts protrude from the bottom of the frame, providing support for any hardscapes (concrete, pavers and asphalt), along with the weight of any load they carry.