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RMT Equipment Inc.

Address 30 Emilien-Marcoux, Suite 101, Blainville, QC, J7C 0B5, CA
Phone 1-800-648-8132
Fax 450-951-4701
Email [email protected]
Website rmtequip.com

About RMT:

Established in 1998, today RMT Equipment is a leading North American specialist in VEI weighing solutions for heavy equipment and trucks. The company also offers the back-up and safety camera systems for wheel loaders, forklifts, log loaders, excavators, mining trucks, scrapers and asphalt recyclers, as well as conveyor belt scales and metal detectors. RMT systems and solutions are sold and serviced by a growing network of factory-trained equipment dealers throughout the United States and Canada. 

The TRACK-VISION heavy duty backup safety cameras and monitors from RMT offer a simple way for heavy equipment owners to eliminate blind spots and meet current safety standards for 360o visibility. Jobsite-rated TRACK-VISION systems are designed specifically to stand up against the severe all-season conditions and harsh environments that destroy lesser cameras in off-road applications for quarries, demolition zones, steel mills, scrap yards and logging sites.

The standard TRACK-VISION camera provides a 115o field of view, wider that most mirrors. The high-resolution monitor combines views from up to 4 cameras, allowing operators a crisp, clear image to the rear or sides or over the tool end of the machine, even in low light.

RMT recently introduced TRACK-VISION systems with wireless monitor connections for remote viewing and with a new digital recorder capturing up to 72 hours of video from the cameras providing full time security and safety while reducing your liability risks. 

Heavy-duty TRACK-VISION cameras and monitors withstand the shocks, vibration, impacts and severe weather of off-road work.
High-resolution TRACK-VISION cameras even include their own heater to keep lenses free from ice and fog.
When equipped with multiple cameras, operators can select views from up to 4 camera locations, or show multiple views in a single split screen.
Views to the rear, side and “over the wall” improve both safety and productivity on the jobsite.
RMT provides complete support to TRACK-VISION systems for all leading equipment OEMs.

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Loader scales put trust in every bucket

For Wayne Ylitalo, relationships with suppliers and customers is everything. That is how he built his business. Following that core principle has led him to a successful lifelong career in the aggregate industry around Toronto and across Ontario. It's also why he's been using VEI loader scales from RMT Equipment for 20 years. "When you buy something good, you have to tell other people how good it is," he says.

RMT Equipment introduces next-generation onboard weighing technology for excavators

The newest generation of VEI onboard weighing technology for excavators will ensure that each bucket of material is weighed and that resulting truck loads are legal. For managers overseeing excavation, stockpiling and loading operations, this is of critical importance given that excavators often work in remote locations far away from truck scales.

RMT Equipment Moves Headquarters to Blainville, Quebec

RMT, a leading North American distributor of onboard weighing and backup camera systems specially built for heavy equipment, has opened its new 6,000 sq. ft. head office and warehouse facility in Blainville, Quebec, near the international transportation hub of Montreal.

Multi-camera safety system

A new multi-camera operator vision system from RMT Equipment is “jobsite-rated” to increase safe operation in the largest heavy-duty equipment operations. TRACK-VISION systems are equipped to connect up to four cameras to a single monitor.  

TRACKVISION camera provides operators with clear view

The waterproof wide-angle camera gives equipment operators a 115-degree field of view in any direction to eliminate blind-spots to the front, rear, sides and “over the wall!” As well as improving safety and reducing equipment damage on the jobsite, TRACKVISION lets operators of wheel loaders, excavators, material handlers, log loaders, truck and scrapers maneuver more confidently and more quickly in congested areas, increasing productivity on every shift. 

Backup camera designed for heavy equipment

Blind spots to the front and rear of heavy equipment can be the most dangerous areas. Accidents caused by maneuvering can result in large, unexpected expenses for a business. RMT states that a camera system will dramatically reduce those costs. A good example is a wheel loader backing up in a quarry or around a crushing plant. Many operators have confirmed the lack of visibility behind them, even using their mirrors. Operators backing up mining trucks in the blasted area can avoid sharp rocks which would damage tires and save thousands of dollars in new tires. Concrete mixer trucks backing up can be very dangerous for the public and workers. An excavator operator can use a camera on the dipper stick to see the digging area when visibility is difficult.

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