Griswold Pump Company

22069 Van Buren Street
Grand Terrace, CA
US, 92313

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Versatile design for a range of applications

The Vertical Turbine Series of pumps offer strong construction and are ideal for a wide range of jobs, from 60 to 14,000 gpm and head pressures up to 250 psi, found in industrial applications, large construction projects and other uses. Discharge heads are cast for either above ground discharge or fabricated for various discharge configurations. Depending on pumping requirements, pump bowls are available in six- through 24-inch diameters. Impellers are precision-designed, engineered and finished to provide the highest efficiency. Impellers are made of bronze, machine- and handfinished, and balanced for long life and top performance. This design versatility makes Griswold’s Vertical Turbine able to fit most any pumping job.

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