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Rig facilitates efficient installation of secant piles

The B400 TRD large-bore, dual rotary-head drilling rig from Casagrande will drill a 75-foot deep, 24- to 42-inch diameter hole in a single pass. Casing and drill tooling are turned in opposite directions using a reverse-circulation system that allows for incredibly efficient installation of secant walls.
Up to 75 feet of drill depth can be achieved with the rig in one stroke. The lower rotary head’s chucking system enables the use of a single piece of casing. Together, these features make possible single-pass drilling and provide unsurpassed productivity.
Speed is independently variable across the entire rpm range of both the upper and lower rotary heads. The full torque of the lower head is delivered to the casing and the full torque of the upper head is delivered to the tooling. The use of independent heads allows the hammer to be retracted or advanced, placing it above or below the casing, as needed.
Counter rotation greatly reduces the strain on tooling, casing and rig. Providing a maximum of 339,400 foot-pounds of torque to the lower rotary head and 82 tons of extraction force for casing removal, the B400 TRD is one of the most powerful rigs available for drilled piles and secant-wall systems.
The B400 TRD is Tier 3 emissions compliant. The 600-horsepower machine has an operating weight of approximately 280,000 pounds and is 105 feet tall in operation. Contractors can choose to outfit the rig with continuous flight augers, down-hole hammer systems, or reverse-circulation drill systems.

New cutter soil mix technology

Casagrande SpA and TEC System have developed a series of rigs for highly productive cutter soil mixing (CSM). This combination of cutter head and base carrier offers an easy to erect and reliable soil mixing system to foundation contractors. The new rigs feature soil-mixing drums mounted on a dual-motor frame, which is connected to the base carrier by a special Kelly bar. The drums, or cutters, are available in 2,400 and 2,800 mm diameters, and in a number of widths ranging from 500 to 1,066 mm. The cutting tools mount on a variety of Casagrande base carriers, and deliver soil mixing at depths ranging from 17 to 30 m with a TD Kelly bar, and from 23 to 35 m with an HTGD Kelly bar.

Multipurpose rig offers digital remote control

The 200-hp C7 hydraulic crawler drill from Casagrande USA has the power needed for reliable performance in all applications and conditions, the company reports. It also increases drilling productivity and flexibility with such features as a mast with a high degree of articulation, digital radio remote control, and ten metres of stroke. The C7 is recommended for use in tieback, soil nailing and anchoring, mini-pile and jet grouting applications.