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Address P.O. Box 990 / Bradenton, FL, 34206-0990, US
Phone +1 941 755-2111
Email sale[email protected]
Website magnaray.com

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RGB fluorescent light an energy saver

For cities seeking energy savings but not ready to switch to LED lighting, RGB fluorescent light is a considerable option, according to Magnaray International. RGB fluorescent light offers visual quality and efficiency at a much lower cost than HID-type lamps, plus very substantial savings on energy and maintenance. Twin T5 fluorescent lamps now have a life rating of up to 48,000 hours with 90 percent lumen maintenance, and a lamp unit replacement cost of less than $12. Fluorescent electronic ballasts with a life of 100,000 hours (supposedly the same as LED systems of higher cost) are in the $25-$30 range. Mag-naray produces a streetlight luminaire that will provide RGB fluorescent lamps, but is also designed to be retrofitted for Magnaray’s perfected LED light source in the future.