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Full Spectrum Solutions, Ltd.

Address PO Box 1087, Jackson, MN, 49204, US
Phone 1-888-574-7014
Fax 1-866-366-4029
Email [email protected]
Website everlastlight.com
Website fullspectrumsolutions.com

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Long-life cobra head street light

EverLast Induction Technology by Full Spectrum Solutions has solved the previous technological setbacks of High Pressure Sodium and LED technology. With virtually maintenance-free 100,000 hour lamp life rating (25+ yrs vs. 5yrs), energy savings up to 70 percent over HID sources, unmatched lumen maintenance (70 percent over 10 years), and twist-lock photocell for automatic on/off control, the EverLast Cobra Head Smart Fixtures are a useful choice for illuminating freeways, highways, secondary roads, off-street areas and parking structures.