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High-visibility radio earmuff improves safety, motivation

Eye-catching bright green earcups and a reflective headband on the new Bilsom Radio Hi-Visibility earmuffs provide clear visibility, day or night. At the same time, workers can enhance job satisfaction, the company says, by listening to their favourite radio station or other portable audio device. Bright green earcups contrast noticeably against dark settings, especially in low lighting situations and inclement weather. Radio Hi-Visibility’s exclusive reflective headband glows when exposed to light, increasing overall visibility and safety on the job. The lightweight design and unique headband provide comfort for all-day wear.

Folding earplugs comfortable for long periods of use

PerCap are the only folding banded earplugs available in the personal protection equipment market. A semi-aural protector,PerCap’s soft polyurethane ear pods seal the opening of the ear canal and offer lower attenuation, making them ideal for workers exposed to low levels of hazardous noise.

Motivating workers to protect their hearing

Industrial audiologist Brad Witt, in his frequent presentations to safety professionals, says: “The word motivation does not appear in OSHA’s regulations on hearing conservation. But the safety-savvy employer will know motivation is the keystone to preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Motivated employees take responsibility for protecting their hearing both on and off-the-job, rather than just viewing hearing protectors as a workplace compliance issue.” Witt, who is Audiology and Regulatory Affairs Manager for the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group, tells his audiences that there are three ways to instill the level of risk awareness that motivates workers to take proper defensive action by wearing their hearing protectors.