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International Design Engineering and Services (I.D.E.A.S) Ltd.

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Plant integrity solution and wireless technology

International Design Engineering and Services (I.D.E.A.S) Ltd. has launched a new technology providing remote automated-process plant integrity/health monitoring, giving critical information for inspection/ maintenance teams, which could potentially increase any ageing plant’s safety and reliability. Developed and tested over an eight-year period, Integri-Tech combines sophisticated analysis, measurement and fitness-for-service assessment technologies to generate continual (daily) and accurately-quantified asset integrity/safety assessments, fitness-for-service statements and inspection requirements for any critical plant or structure as a whole system, including every component, weld and fitting. The detailed data gathered from this process predicts quantified time to failure and prescribes priority and optimized timescales for inspection and remedial action as necessary. The results can be displayed graphically, via a web portal, to a PC or laptop anywhere in the world, remotely or on-site, providing for the first time, quan-tified remote ‘anytime-anywhere’ integrity management information.