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Address 8922 Ellis Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90034, US
Phone 310.839.9009
Fax 310.943.2172
Website golehr.com

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Propane powered trimmer

The LEHR Eco Trimmer is the world’s first-ever hand held, propane-powered lawn and garden tool with easy ‘Twist ‘n Go’ fueling. Using a standard 16.4 ounce propane canister as its fuel source, the Eco Trimmer has the power and performance of a gas trimmer, minus the inconvenience and harmful environmental effects. These trimmers are designed to start faster, run a clean two hours on one canister and require very little maintenance. Plus, the Eco Trimmer produces zero evaporative emissions, zero ozone depleting hydrocarbons, 96 percent fewer carcinogens, and 99 percent less particu-lates than its gasoline-powered counterparts. In advanced testing, the LEHR Eco Trimmer already exceeds recently announced 2011 EPA emission standards in the small engine category.